Blackjack Playing Tips

In the beginning, craps was the leading game in the casino. Before you ask why, it is because, during World War II, it was the quickest, not to mention the easiest, game of chance (read that as ?gambling pastime?) to cook up. Military rules forbade gambling on base and on the held. A casino black jack deck of cards could be difficult to hide should an officer suddenly appear. A GI could swallow a pair of dice, if he had to. black jack wasn’t played?who?d be the banker? Get the picture? When the boys came home, the game they remembered most was craps, so naturally they gravitated to the table. Eventually, looking for a place to sit?and play?they discovered the black jack stands casino black jack. The rest, as they say, is history. Today black jack is the favorite casino table game for men and women.

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A share of the game’s popularity can be attributed to the scores of articles about the skills of the game; in fact, it’s reputed to be the one game in which the ?house? doesn’t have a decided edge over the player rather than being a game based strictly on chance, black jack has more than a modicum of skill attached to it. When a game presents options for the player, then decision- making moves come into play skilful or not. In black jack all the options are open to the player, and none to the casino black jack dealer It becomes a matter of the player making what should be the right decisions. Those decisions to be remembered come from case histories of situations for each of the many different types of hands that are dealt. After you finish this chapter you will have learned not only the rules and playing procedures but also a basic strategy for black jack. Learning black jack The first step, of course, in playing any game intelligently is the following: Know the basic rules. It must be pointed out that these rules are typical, not universal. You will find slight variations in some casinos in North America and overseas.

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The player attempts to obtain a total of cards equal to or less than 21’as long as the player’s total is higher than the dealer’s. If the total is higher than 21, the player busts casino black jack, automatically losing the hand, even if the dealer subsequently busts as well. Number of Players One to seven players play against a house dealer. The players do not play against one another, but each plays against the dealer. Thus, other players? hands and the actions they take have no direct bearing on your hand and your play. Number of Cards The dealer uses from one to eight 52-card decks. With one or two decks, he deals by hand; with more decks, he deals from a shoe. While the rules of the game remain the same however many decks are used, you have the best advantage in single-deck casino black jack or double-deck play. The Shuffle and Cut The cards are shuffled thoroughly by the dealer and cut by one of the players, usually by inserting a joker or blank card into the pack at the place where it is to be cut. After the cut, the top card is normally burned (discarded) in such a way that the player cannot see its value. In multiple-deck games, after the decks are placed in the shoe, it is general practice to place the blank card about three-fourths of the way back in the pack, which signals the point at which a new shuffle is generally made. Betting All casino black jack players place their bets in front of them, generally in a small circle or rectangle on the felt, before any cards are dealt.

A player may play more than one hand, but must usually place twice the minimum wager on each hand if playing two hands, and six times the minimum wager on each hand if playing three hands. Minimum bets vary from casino to casino. Some are as low hand and must turn his cards face up casino black jack immediately, at which time the dealer collects his bet and his cards. This is the only advantage the dealer has over a good player. That is, he wins when a player busts even if he subsequently busts as well.