Handy And Useful Guide To Live Blackjack Rules And In-Play Options

Handy And Useful Guide To Live Blackjack Rules And In-Play Options

Live dealer blackjack streamed with high-quality software is one of the most popular games in the online gambling world. Many renowned and licensed sites such as Royal Panda, LeoVegas, etc are offering live dealer blackjack tables. Players can now even enjoy this remarkable game on the move with their smartphone, tablet, and other mobile devices.

Live Blackjack Rules

The very popular game of live blackjack is played using 8 decks of cards. To win this game, a player has to ensure that their cards have a total value close to 21 without going beyond this or near to the value of 21 than a dealer. Your hand will be compared with that of a dealer’s hand if you own a card with a value less than 21. Going over 21 means your hand is a bust (the biggest automatic loss). As you can see that rules for live blackjack can be learned in a couple of minutes, don’t overlook the need to explore them in table rules, where each blackjack game type differs in some ways.

In-Play Options

Understanding the in-play options of live blackjack games and their working process is one of the most important strategies to play successfully. Here is the list of playing options you can enjoy after cards are drawn.

– Stand

A player rejects to accept another card from a real dealer if he or she decides to stand. Choose this option if you are dealt with blackjack 21.

– Hit

When you choose this playing option, you do exactly the opposite of standing. In simpler terms, you request another card from a dealer if you decide to hit. You can take a hit to improve the winning possibilities if the value of your hand is less than 12.

– Split

This is the best playing option when you are dealt with two cards of the same value. To divide the cards into separate hands, you have to place a 2nd wager with the amount of your initial bet. Please note that if you split a pair of aces, you would not be able to hit in an additional pair.

– Double-Down

When you choose this option, you’ll get an extra card to your hand by making a bet of the double amount. The best opportunity to double down is when you have a card with 21 value or a dealer does not possess a blackjack.

– Surrender

Going with this playing option means you have decided to forfeit about half of your original wager and end the hand instantly.

– Insurance

When a dealer has an ace as his/her first card, you’ll take an insurance bet. You may place a bet with the amount of your original wager and get a 2-1 payout in case a dealer gets a blackjack. You’ll lose this bet if a dealer does not receive a blackjack. A dealer will win the hand if he or she gets a blackjack and you did not.

Handy And Useful Guide To Live Blackjack Rules And In-Play Options

If you want to experience the feel of land-based gambling venues from home, then play live dealer blackjack from your desktop or mobile device.